Popular Wedding Photography Themes For 2015

Photography is clearly a very important factor for any wedding as it is a record of those special and important moments secured by every couple as they embark on their lifetime journey together.
When the big day arrives, couples must make sure that they have well-crafted wedding photography booked and ready. There are numerous wedding photographers in the UK that offer brilliant wedding shoot ideas. For inspiration, it's worth taking a look at the wedding photography in Kent provided by Lovepear Photography, who presents an impressive wedding portfolio that resonates strongly with young couples. Learn more here - Kent wedding photographer.

Professional photographers have the ability to come up with awesome and unique wedding themes that will surely suit the personalities of their subject. While some couple prefer the conventional fairy tale theme, most couples want to deviate from this traditional concept.
Wedding photography themes are always evolving with new trends, and some of the latest could well blow you away because of their distinctive style.

One recent idea is to use a wet theme. Couples are asked to shoot at the beach or similar water location. Typical photos here would include couples splashing water over each other, being playful in the sand or walking off into a scenic photographic sunset.
Trashing the dress is a concept that works well for the more adventurous brides. This provides a more fashionable and urban edge to wedding photography by delivering wedding photos that are fun to shoot and show the wedding dress in various states of damage, such as being covered in paint, dirt or water. Although the idea is to use your real dress you may prefer to buy a cheap used wedding dress for the shoot too.

For more of an elegant feel, classic black and white photos have proven to remain in great demand. Ask any of the wedding photographers in the UK and they will all agree that black and white photography will never become dated or obsolete. It is a style that requires the photographer to be competent with using lighting for dramatic effect but one that is suitable to use in any situation.

A style which is increasingly proving popular is also the theme of "us against the world". Examples of wedding photography under this theme would be couples in an urban setting surrounded by moving people or standing in the middle of traffic. This style also works great with engagement shoots as it permits a lot of flexibility and creativity in traditional every-day settings. Couples who have artistic interest are usually keen on this wedding trend.

It is essential that you choose a wedding photographer who can bring to life your vision of your wedding day and ensure there is time to create the love story you have in mind. It goes without saying that you should plan your wedding photography carefully and enjoy a fun shoot on the day as an integral part of your wedding experience.