Blurb Review


Blurb is a self-publishing service for photo books. It is perfect for personal, vacation and family books. In other words, it is a modern day photo album. It was founded in 2004 and works on both PC and Mac. It is a simple to use software because you can download it on your computer and create your book offline, then upload it to your website when it is completed.

With blurb, you can create special books which will make great presents for your family and friends. The end product is even good enough to sell to the public. Therefore, you can make books for yourself and also create them for the public to buy.

Product Details

Blurb gives unique features and designs. Unlike other photo publishing services in the market, blurb gives you freedom over the design of your book. You can download the software to make custom layouts and designs, or use the online photo book editor with premade layouts to place your photos.

When you download the software onto your PC, you can drag the photos into the software to create a book. Then you select a book style and also select page styles. You can also add text into the pages. Pictures and book titles can also be on the front page and a photo displayed on the back page. It is easy and simple to use software and if you are stuck, there are online tutorials to help you out. If you decide to use online photo book editor, you have an option of changing layouts and backgrounds of the pages.

Blurb has bookmarking tools and even support in Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese and German. Another good thing about blurb is that you can save your customized templates for future projects.

Advantages Of Using Blurb

One major advantage of using blurb is that you can choose to design the book yourself by downloading the software, or use the online photo book editor to do the work for you. This is something you cannot get from other publishers. Blurb gives you a variety of sizes that include portrait, square books and landscape options. You can also get up 440 pages in blurb, many pages than any other publisher.


One major disadvantage of the service is that it does not offer standard sizing options.


Blurb is a simple, classy self-publishing software for photo books. It is a service that gives its users a fun and an easy way to publish photos. (see MattsPhotobooks)